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Alessandro Gervaso

Alessandro Gervaso

Technical interests
json, scalability, html, django, arduino, integration, application-design, parallelization, project-management, linux, api, REST, performance, postgresql, business, architecture, async, open-source, hpc, WSGI, HTTP
IGA Technology Services
Job title
IT Manager
Company web site

Quick Bio

I've worked with various companies (Truelite, Eurotech HPC) both as an employee and as a consultant in various activities spanning from system and network administration to software development. Since 2007 I'm the IT Manager of the Istituto di Genomica Applicata, where I've built the HPC computing cluster, the storage, backup and network systems. Around two years ago I started to build a web interface to start tracking the biological samples which were being processed and sequenced in the lab, in order to automate some analysis tasks. I'm also the IT Manager for IGA Technology Services, a startup specialised in genome Next Generation Sequencing and analysis.

Alessandro Gervaso’s Talks

From biological samples to data analyses
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