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Join us for tag cocktails!

Did you fill in and publish your profile on our website? If so, you might have won a special prize!

Just like last year, we selected a few hot subjects, as indicated by tags in attendee profiles, and we arranged for special tag-cocktails in the evening: all people with a specific selection of tags will be invited to join us for a cocktail, have a drink, and a good chat with other Pythoneers that share the same interests.

We published the full list of cocktails on our schedule and on a dedicated page. We have dumped a list with matching tags on June 24th, and those people will find one invite (or more than one, if they were lucky enough!) in their badge.

Browse our participant list

Even if it's too late for the cocktail, have a look at our wonderful list of EuroPythoners; make sure to login first, to see the full list (some of them might have opted-in to be displayed only to other participants). You can filter the list by country, by interests, and you can even display a list of people with a good tag correlation with your own profile.

432 EuroPythoners have published their profile, and we are sure you might like to meet some of them: contact them through whatever social network or service your prefer (we even offer a simple one-click mail contact form within that page); EuroPython might have talks at its core, but there's a lot more: you will get to meet wonderful people, don't miss the chance to meet the maintainer of your favorite software, or somebody who lives near you, or just someone that shares your interests.

And since you're at it, fill and publish in your own profile, if you have not already!

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25 June 2013


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