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A weekend full of hacking

The last two days of EuroPython, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th, are dedicated to more hands-on hacking sessions. Have look at the full offer!


A sprint is a self-organized session where programmers join together to work on a specific project, usually open-source and connected to the Python ecosystem. The sprint is usually proposed and driven by one or more programmers who are already expert on the specific project (maybe even maintainers), and are willing to help out more programmers to introduce them into the project.

Have a look at the sprint list and add yourself to a sprint, or propose a new sprint!

Google AppEngine Hackathon

Together with EuroPython, Google is organizing a Google App Engine Hackathon. An entire day of fun coding on App Engine platform.

Teams are free to create any software project based on Google App Engine. No runtime restriction (Java, Python, Go and even PHP), total freedom on final hack, it can be a backend only apps, backend + web or mobile frontends, anything you like.

The only constrain is that your hack has to be fueled by App Engine. Plus you have all the other GAE companions at your disposal: Cloud Endpoints to create RESTful APIs, Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL to manage storage, Prediction API and much more. And yes, they're going to be some prizes for the best teams ;)

The hackathon will be held in the Pizza Margherita room, and will start at 9:00 on Saturday.

Have a look at the full schedule and preregister on the dedicated page.

Advanced Python training course

The Advanced Python training course, that will be held by our sponsors Python Academy, is a fantastic way to increase your Python competences and learn about all the more advanced features of the language that will make your programming experience even better. We got stellar feedback from last year course by Python Academy, so it's highly recommended. The course is two-days long (Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th), and requires a separate registration fee. Have a look at the full description.

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24 June 2013


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