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Only two days left for the partner program

Tomorrow, June 20th, is the last day to book many of our wonderful partner program tours. Have a look at the detailed page, and book your tour!

We have many tours that we carefully planned to entertain you (and your partner or family!) if you want to take a break from the conference. We also worked with our operators on the price to make them really fair. Have a look at the full list and book your tour now.

Other things you can still buy off our website

  • A ticket for the official conference dinner: PyBarbecue!
  • Grab a prepaid 3G SIM, with Internet plan (including tethering) for only €20.
  • Since a dozen people canceled their trip to EuroPython, we are still able to sell more tickets, at the on-desk rate (as we're only 10 days to the conference). If you are still interested in joining us, this is the right moment to buy your ticket.
  • The Advanced Python training course, that will be held by our sponsors Python Academy in the weekend (Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th), is a fantastic way to increase your Python competences and learn about all the more advanced features of the language that will make your programming experience even better. We got stellar feedback from last year course by Python Academy, so it's highly recommended.

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    Grest so nic egres twell done great!

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19 June 2013


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