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Google offers EuroPython grants for female computer scientists

Are you a female computer scientist dreaming of participating to EuroPython 2013? Would you like to come to Italy but can't you afford to travel? Google offers three grants consisting of tickets for the conference and up to 1000 EUR for travel expenses!
google_logo Google, in order to encourage women to excel in computing and technology and to attend at technical conferences, is offering the winners:

- Free registration for the conference
- Up to 1000 EUR towards travel and accommodation costs (to be paid after the conference)

All candidates must:

- Be a female working in or studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a technical field related to the conference subject
- Have a strong academic background with demonstrated leadership ability
- Attend the core day(s) of the main conference

Remember: the deadline is Sunday, June 2nd. Hurry up!

To apply, by the indicated deadline, please submit this form.

For any further information, please reach out to or

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  1. Gravatar
    It's about time something like this happened, otherwise us computer geeks will all be male forever.
  2. Gravatar
    That's great, I applied! Does anybody knows when the lucky girls we be informed?
  3. Gravatar
    I'm sure Google will be fast at notifying winners.
  4. Gravatar
    I'm still waiting for Google's response.. @Stefanie: You too?
  5. Gravatar
    I am also waiting for response..
  6. Gravatar
    Yes I'm also waiting :-(

    Did you get a confirmation via mail?
  7. Gravatar
  8. Gravatar
    This page says that "The winner(s) will be notified by e-mail approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the event".
  9. Gravatar
    Wow, I d like to take part in this Conference!! Can I ask you when next event will be ?
  10. Gravatar
    I've just got reject =(
  11. Gravatar
    Me too :-(
  12. Gravatar
    Me too :P
  13. Gravatar
    I am interested in this project. In announcement deadline is June 16, but here it is June 2, can I apply for the program?
  14. Gravatar
    Hello everyone, can anyone tell me please if the winners have been notified or not. Thank you
  15. Gravatar
    Hi All,

    Two winners have been selected and notified on June 5th, and an email has been sent to all who applied.
  16. Gravatar
    I wish this oppotunity comes for people like us who are doing their lastyear of high school and wants to study Computer Sciences next year

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25 May 2013


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