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Talk voting is closing: only a few hours left to express your opinion

One week has already passed and it's almost time to close the voting system. If you haven't yet done so, please make sure to give us your opinion on the proposals we received.
As you all already know, the community plays a fundamental role in EuroPython conference and we give every member the opportunity to be an active part in decision-making.

On Saturday we will start writing the schedule and we will publish it on March 31st. Talks higher in the final ranking will be rewarded with the best time slots and larger rooms.

Are you curious? Do you look forward to reading the schedule? Be patient! In the meanwhile, you can submit a sprint and discover who is coming to the conference. Soon you will be able to express your opinion on our partner programs, on the events we have studied for you and give us your feedback.

Enjoy your vote!


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14 March 2013


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