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Unofficial Women's Lunch at EuroPython 2012

We are happy to publish this post by Lynn Root, who will organize during Europython a special Women's Pizza-based Lunch!

Women attendees! Come join the unofficial Women's Lunch for an opportunity to chat with your fellow female Pythonistas over great pizza.

We invite any female (and anyone who identifies as a female) conference-goer to lunch at an informal, friendly meet & greet to form connections, share Python programming stories, and enjoy the Italian summer.

When? Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Meet your host Lynn at the registration desk at 13:00, she will distribute the lunch coupons; lunch will be at the pizzeria Outside Bistrot just aside the conference hotel.


Hosted by:

Lynn Root, speaker, Increasing Women Engagement in the Python Community

Graciously assisted by:

EuroPython conference organizers

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    This says Tuesday 4th of July - but Tuesday is the 3rd...? Is this on Tuesday or Wednesday the 4th?

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31 May 2012


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