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Special grant for students and unemployed

We are happy to announce that EuroPython is offering a grant with 3 free tickets reserved to students and 3 free tickets reserved to unemployed programmers, including hotel accommodation.

This grant is sponsored partly by the Python Italia Association, and partly by the generous contribution of many speakers who are renouncing to the ticket discount they were offered.

The grant includes a free ticket for the conference (with access to buffets) and accommodation in two triple rooms for the whole conference week.

The grant is open to everybody, even people that have already bought a ticket (in which case we would proceed to a refund).


  • Must be 30 years old or less (on 1st January 2012).
  • Must be currently registered to a school, college, or university-level institute.

Unemployed programmers

  • Any age is allowed.
  • Must not be a student.
  • Must be actively seeking for a new job as a computer programmer.


Application is open until June 1st.

If you think you qualify for this grant, please send an e-mail to, put the tag "[GRANT]" in the subject, and write down a motivational letter covering the follow points:

  • Short introduction of yourself, your current study/job status
  • Your current experience with Python (if any)
  • Why you would like to join EuroPython
  • Why you have not bought a ticket yet
  • Which other conference you attended to in the past few years (if any).

All personal information contained in the motivational letter will be kept strictly private.

Winners of the grant will be selected on June 3rd.

Google Diversity Grant

Remember that Google is offering a diversity grant reserved for female computer scientists. Applications are open until June 1st! (NOTE: Google's website currently says May 15th as a deadline, but it's been extended and will be fixed soon)

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11 May 2012
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