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Wifi pre-registration now online

If you come to the conference and plan to use the free wifi service, you can now preregister

Due to really silly Italian regulations, we are forced to identify and register every person that uses the free wifi connection at EuroPython. Please head to the wifi information page to read all the details.

The wifi service is managed by our partner ComCom. They run a well-known and respected Hostpot wifi service in Italy, and we are positive that they are setting up a network capable of handling the high peaks of traffic we expect to be generated at the conference.

Beyond wifi, we are also setting up a wired network with many switches, ethernet cables, and power plugs in every room. Notice that "many" is still far from a 1:1 ratio to partecipants, so wifi will still be the primary mean of connection to the Internet.

Remember also that we are selling prepaid voice+data+tether SIMs, and you are still in time to buy one if you want. We will be able to sell them at the conference as well, but activation requires up to 12 hours, so we suggest you to buy them online right now if you plan to get one.

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13 June 2011


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