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Random Interview: Thomas Perl

We have selected some speakers through random.choice() to be featured on the EuroPython 2011 blog! Today we introduce you Thomas Perl!

What's your name and what do you do?

My name is Thomas Perl. I'm currently a master student at University of Technology in Vienna, and in my free time I like to work on open source software on mobile devices.

How did you start using Python?

I started using Python when I wanted to write a podcatcher for Linux at a time where no proper, usable podcatcher existed. The result became gPodder, and I've since learned to enjoy using the language for many projects.

Name one Python feature you wouldn't live without

List comprehensions and generator expressions.

What is your talk/training about?

I'll be showing how to easily develop mobile applications in Python using PySide and QML. Obviously, as QML and PySide are supported on normal Desktop operating systems as well, the same material applies to Windows, OS X and Linux as well.

QML provides an easy way to declaratively describe UIs. Once one gets the hang of it, it feels more natural than classic approaches - and it also helps keeping backend code (written in Python) and UI (written in QML) more separate.

Tease us with one secret that will be revealed during your talk/training

I should be able to demo the final version of a mobile QML application I'm currently polishing on on a mobile device, including some information about the code and the development.

Name another training that you wouldn't miss at EuroPython.

Objects and Classes in Python on Thursday Afternoon is something I plan to attend and really hope to get some good experience out of :)

Especially the comparison to JavaScript object semantics sounds interesting.

What would you tell someone who is still in doubt whether to register to EuroPython or not?

Register and come there - it's that simple. EuroPython's central geographical location in Europe should make it easy for you to get there, and it's going to be a great week for Python!

Also, I've heard that Florence is nice during that time of the year, so that's another reason not to miss it ;)

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13 June 2011


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