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15 more tickets (and that's really all!)

Thanks to most people that fully compiled their ticket information and specified the exact day of attendance, and some additional arrangement with the venue staff, we are able to reopen registration for a maximum of 15 more tickets.

We are impressed that so many people contacted us asking to reopen the registration because they really wanted to join EuroPython! We hope that selling these last 15 tickets will make them happy!

Please notice we are selling them with the on-desk fare to compensate for the additional effort on our side to make this possible.

Already got a ticket? Have a look at the schedule!

The navigation panel now features a button called My Schedule that shows you a nice printable list of all the talks that you liked in the schedule.

This is really great to bring with you a list of the talks that you decided to follow in a nice readable format. You just need to login on the website, go the schedule and like the talks that you want to follow.

More news in the following days, don't miss our communcations!

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09 June 2011


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