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Smartphone dependent? Buy an Italian SIM!

We are happy to announce that you can now buy our carefully-selected, geek-friendly prepaid Italian SIM with a data plan and good voice rates, for a cost of €20.

Through a partnership with resellers of an Italian mobile operator (Wind), we can let you book the SIM directly on our website, paying in advance, so that we will be able to pre-activate it and give it to you directly at the registration desk, together with your badge!

We have put all the details of the plans online (including Italian regulations), but let me just highlight the main features for you:

  • Tethering-friendly, VOIP/Skype-friendly data plan. Save on the hotel wi-fi, and be always online even if the wifi at the venue is flacky (you know it's always like that at the conference, though we will do our best to avoid it!).
  • Good voice rates for international calls thanks to a special plan pre-activated on the SIMs.
  • You can buy more than one SIM for your family and friends, to enjoy cheap calls while you stay here in Italy.
  • SMS at 8 cents for all national and international destinations

And if you max out the 1Gb data plan or run out of credit for voice calls, we will be selling scratch cards for topping up the SIMs directly at the registration desk.

We really hope that you will appreciate our effort on setting up this service. I will only add that we don't have any margin on this (like on the partner program), since we feel that's more in line with the philosophy behind EuroPython.

Bought into these SIMs already? You are two clicks away from getting one!

Obligatory status update on the rest

  • Remember to check car sharing and room sharing opportunities. Add to the wiki pages if you have something to share!
  • It's high season in Florence and hotels price are jumping through the roof! That's one part where it's really hard for us to help (and we did try!). We just suggest you to book as soon as possible!
  • We are concerned not to overflow you with information, but there will be a lot of things to communicate in the next weeks. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, via RSS or mailing-list.
  • We know that the talk schedule is very complex; remember that if you login on our website you can mark the talks you like and those you don't, to help you out getting to the conference with a rough idea of what to follow.

Happy booking and see you in Florence!

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07 May 2011


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