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Schedule publication delayed

We are sorry to announce that we are unable to publish the conference schedule today, as previously announced in the calendar. We plan to go online with it on Wednesday 27th.

Getting the schedule ready has turned out to be more complex than expected. We have been working on it around the clock, but it is simply not done yet. We expect it to be finished by the weekend, but we need to pass it through the review of the speakers first, and some families of ours are particularly demanding on Easter...

Moreover, given that there are day passes available this year, we want to be absolutely sure that the schedule will be fixed once published. We generally dislike schedule changes, but I am sure you understand that people buying a day pass might specifically not appreciate them.

As much as we treat our deadlines seriously, we cannot help but admit that we need a few more days to finalize it. I am sure many people are really eager to see it, but I hope Easter will kind of distract you with good, sweet, eggy arguments :)

Happy Easter!


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22 April 2011


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