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Europython 2011 - Call for Volunteers

We need YOUR help!

As many of you may know Europython 2011 will take place in Florence - Italy, from 19 to 24 of June. Europython is a comunity conference runned volunteers. We have started working to make the Europython 2011 an amazing conference but we need help from well motivated pythonistas from the community to make it real. The main activities for volunteers will be needed in june, when running the conference but still we also need some help now in order to prepare and develop better services to deploy before and during the conference.

Right now we need volunteers to help us with the following activities:

  • mobile apps development: If you are a developer help us creating nice applications for the conference!
  • site reviewers: we need english native speaking helpers to review the website content
  • sponsorships headhunters: if you know a potential sponsor let us know! Europython happens thanks to sponsors! More sponsors means a better conference.
    • but when we'll get closer to the conference we'll also need help with other activities like:

      • session chairs
      • bags and gadgets packaging
      • audio/video recordings
      • general help
      • ...

      Helping Europython to be a great conference is a big help for the python community and gives you chance to meet many folks inside it. The community will recognise and appreciate your help!

      Please contact us on chat at the official conference website or the europython and europython-improve mailing lists

      Stay tuned on this blog, on the official twitter account and subscribe to the feeds!

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26 January 2011


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