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Here you are ... EuroPython 2011!

The event that European Pythonists are awating most? Europython is here!
europython conference florence

On behalf of the PythonItalia and EuroPython associations, it is my honour to announce EuroPython 2011! EuroPython, as you know, is the largest European conference for the Python community, and in the following two years the conference will be held in Florence, Italy!

Then, here we go online with the new graphic layout of our website and a brand-new logo for the conference. Most sections are currently offline and will go live in the following few days.

When and where

First of all, this year the conference will take place from Sunday June 19th to Sunday June 26th.

The chosen location is Mediterraneo Conference Centre. It is situated near the heart of Florence's old city centre; you can find all information about the venue and logistics in the Where page.

Conference Organization

Waiting to define exactly the talk submission criteria, deadlines and dates, tracks and papers guidelines, we want to immediately share with you our daily planning for 2011:

  • 19/20th June: These days are dedicated to trainings, which are half-day sessions with a special focus on teaching a specific technology (either at a basic or advanced level). We have room for up to 5 different parallel trainings.
  • 21th to 24th June: Regular conference, with up to 5 parallel tracks from morning to evening. In addition, plus special keynote speeches.
  • 25/26th June: Coding Sprint. Two full days of quick hacking on Python core and libraries, with the guide of experienced developers.
    • More Info

      More information about the conference, will be shared all around the official site, in this blog, and on the official twitter account. Stay tuned and subscribe to the feeds!

      Save the date and... see you in Florence!

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18 January 2011


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