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Taming Pythons with ZooKeeper

Concurrency is hard. Consistency in distributed systems is hard. And then the whole thing should be highly-available and error resilient.

Fear not, there are good news: There exists an awesome tool called ZooKeeper to help you with this. There even exists a plethora of Python libraries for it, but how to know what to use and how?

This talk will walk you through ZooKeeper and how to use it with Python. We’ll be focusing on what I think is the most prominient ZooKeeper library out there for Python: Kazoo.

You’ll see how to do things in ZooKeeper and how to implement them using Kazoo. We’ll also peek in to the recipes Kazoo offers, and if we have enough time, touch a real life application we’ve used Kazoo and ZooKeeper to build at Spotify.

in on Wednesday 3 July at 12:15 See schedule

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)
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