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Open Source as a Business

by David Cramer for

It’s becoming more and more common that companies are driving open source initiatives, but it’s still far from a standard.

This talk will focus on the arguments one might make for (or against) open source in a company or even as a company. It will be driven from the takeaways of pushing open source as a fundamental culture at Disqus as well as the lessons learned from establishing a real business from an open source project.

Specifically, I’ll cover:

  • Why open source is important for companies like Disqus
  • The takeaways of choosing to drive and use open source products
  • How a simple project like Sentry was born
  • Why Sentry remains open source (even as a for-profit business)

in on Tuesday 2 July at 09:45 See schedule


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    (Hoping staff/etc can see this :)

    I'd like to use this a as a fallback to my other submission, and would prefer to only give one talk

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45 minutes (inc Q&A)

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