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Developing Android Apps completely in Python

by Thomas Perl for EuroPython 2012

The goal of this training is to show you how to start developing full Android applications using only Python. Different technologies will be demonstrated, including PySide-based QML GUIs using the Necessitas Qt port and the Py4A/SL4A-based approach, which can be combined with Android’s WebKit and re-use Python web frameworks.

While Android already has a good SDK out of the box, being able to use Python instead of Java is a big advantage for some developers - it allows for quicker turnaround times, and reuse of Python libraries. Python on Android uses a native CPython build, so its performance and compatibility is very good. Combined with PySide (which uses a native Qt build) and Qt’s support for OpenGL ES acceleration, you can create fluent UIs even with Python.

The resulting PySide-based applications run on Android, but also at least on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Maemo and MeeGo - basically all platforms on which Qt is available. The SL4A/Py4A-based applications will run on Android only, but will be able to utilize Android-specific APIs. Both approaches can also be combined.



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    Android is dominating the world of smartphones. This post would be definetely useful for Android developers


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    Web apps are hot today, many companies are using html5 apps for their businesses. But hiring a developer is too expensive. I used to make really cool html5 apps and so fast! Takes a few minutes and the live app is right there in front of you! The easiest and fastest way to get not only web but also native apps.
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    Great video. I want to create android app with python because is my favouritye language to develop
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    Android developers are pretty much in demand because of user needs for new unique applications. Its good that developers can now themselves reply to user reviews. ~keep posting
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    I will like to develop android apps with python because it is simple
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    Nice tutorial .Very helful
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    Finally python on android. frankly I did not want to make java if not at school
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    I am very interested in using python on android nachines, but insist on bypassing Google and the NSA where possible.
    If that proves too hard, no more android for me. The tablets are very handy and i have some niche applications for it, where it is essential that no third parties aka google or NSA are involved, not even through a back door. Otherwise patient privacy cannot be guaranteed and CE-approvel can not be obtained.
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    I think Iphones are even worse after the recent articles that came out.
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    uh, what makes you say iPones are even worse? In software, hardware, etc? The hardware in iPhones are the best in the world, security is virutally unpenetratable, you don't even need a anti-virus for anything Apple has ever made up from the early 90's. the iphone never had to and it's the most perfect phone in the world, the most desired, the most valuable company in the world, yet we get angry jealous and belligerent ghouls like you who are Android or Microsoft zombies who know null about technology. You read the nonsense Apple jealous writers out there and get fans of Google to talk lies and deceit at them so that people would buy cheaper yet crappier and poorly designed Android, Windows, Blackberry, Samsung when all they are doing are raping Apple's ideas and design (stealing) and then produce virtually carbon copies of them so that Google and others cannot lose their jobs. But, you usally get what you pay for. You pay more and get more, not the other way around. You know, the ones that are priced less, are nothing but "knockoffs" of the real thing-- ie louis vuitton is often counterfeited by Chinese. Food for thought., dude. Eat your Apple now.
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    Another example:

    BMW makes their own luxury cars, and doesn't make buses, taxis, minivans, and other bizarre types of vehicles in their lineup. They make super strong, super high performance, high efficiency engines, super sexy and wild to drive and much coveted. Everyone wants one, but not all can afford one. Yet you see people in America always cursing and loathing BMW drivers for being arrogant, jerks, bad drivers and think they are rich snobs when in reality the BMW haters are the arrogant bad jerk drivers. it's all about jealously they are trying to tell people so people would not buy their cars. Quality luxuries are both loved and both hated. Copies and poorly designed fakes are just hated by even by the ones who own them, they only pretend to like them only because they think they save money or try to appear to be more geeky, nerdy, or more intelligent then the superior ones. Food for thought.
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    So I should just pay more to be able to enjoy all of my new iPhone limitations.. Yes, it's fast, stable and good phone, but its what-you-see-is-what-you-get phone, and your android works the way you make it work, so it's not about geekiness or superiority, it's about people meeting their needs. The day that i decide to use mobile phone for "phone stuff" only, is the day I'll go and buy an iPhone. For now, i'll just stick to using my phone as an portable IDE instead of using it as a status symbol.
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    It's high time Java got replaced with scripting languages like Python or Ruby.
    It's really a big in the ass the code in Java.

    Someone should definitely make Python wrappers for the Android API.
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    Java is rapidly dying. It's soooo outdated now and super slow. Sun Microsystems is history swallowed by Oracle. Even Oracle is dying. It's not the 90's anymore. The WWW and IT is moving super light speed and yet there are some 50-70 Java engineers still proud of their work. It's like being proud of being a COBOL or BASIC or even Pascal programmer.
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    Although I am long timer Java programmer, currently I am so fond of Python. And having Python option in Android programming, will be an awesome challenge

    Great video!
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    Thanks for sharing this good article. .
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    I think python is more compatible for Android apps then java.
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    Thanks for uploading.
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    just gave this link to my brother who know bro.. java is so confusing...i did google search for python..i hope this helps him

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