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Change of board in the Europython Society

On July 5th, there was a meeting of interested parties to elect a new board for the Europython Society.

The society is a non-profit organisation registered in Sweden and it holds the rights to the Europython name. It arranges with local organisers to put on Europython conferences. Previously this has been done in an ad-hoc fashion, but with the growth of Europython, a more formal procedure will be introduced.

We will endeavour to provide more of the infrastructure needed for conferences from the Europython Society (using the know-how that was created by previous conferences).

The board that was elected consists of:

  • Fabio Pliger, Chairman
  • Giovanni Bajo
  • Marc-André Lemburg
  • Vicky Lee
  • Anthon van der Neut
  • Jacob Hallén

The old board had already decided that next years conference will be in Florence again, since no viable proposals had been submitted before the cutoff time (early in 2012).

The new board will put out a call for proposal for 2014, with a requirements specification during the fall of 2012. A deadline for bids will be in the early spring of 2013. Organisers of Europython 2014 will be expected to take part in the organisation of the 2013 conference, to learn more about how to arrange a conference on this scale.

If your local/national group is interested, you should start forming your team even before the call for proposals is out.

For those who are interested, the bylaws of the Europython Society can be found here:

Membership in the society is by application to the board (not by attending Europython, as I claimed in the meeting).

We are happy to welcome new members, who want to take an interest in the arranging of Europython conferences.

Finally, we would like to thank Laura Creighton for her service as the chairman of the society since its creation in 2004.

Jacob Hallén
For the old and the new board

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08 July 2012


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